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Winter 2011

ANIMATION Stencil Tutorial – Karl Perks (2:22) [FIRST PLACE WINNER]  Oh Canada –Patricia Granato (0:52) [SECOND PLACE WINNER] Peace, love and paper birds-Nadime Rahimian (2:12) Cube defies the laws of physics –Charlotte Forbes (1:07) Old man: A Leonard Cohen Tribute – Shannon Deer and Natacha Girouard (2:56) Battle lines-Cassandra Woods (1:35) Teach you me- Cassandra Woods (0:55) Cellulite Boogie – Daniel Petersen…

Winter 2012

ANIMATION Pest Control, by Brian Cuccovia 3:25 [SECOND PLACE WINNER] Framed, by Cong Lee and Joelle Cyntrynbaum 1:51 [HONOURABLE MENTION]  Farine Five Roses, by Marc-Anthony Cadieux 1:20 [BEST SOUND]  Timmy, by Matthew Orsini 3:55 Paradise, by Erica Parente 1:36 The Story Beneath The Story, by Rachel Selby and Alexandra Eschweiler 3:58 Au79, by Sean Humphrey 0:43 Just Add Water, by Jazmine Darragh 0:29…

Fall 2012

ANIMATION Imago, by Naomi Silver-Vézina 1:07 [FIRST PLACE WINNER]  Ah Montréal, by  Marc Cadieux and Alex Chatelain 1:17 [SECOND PLACE WINNER] Icky Sticky Cacophony, by Trevor Bourke 1:29 [HONOURABLE MENTION]  You’re It, by Suraiya Nukhuda 1:01 A Killer Meal by Schael Marcéus, Margot Hadaya and Sophie Feng 1:09 Circle, by Catlin Santori and Jenna La Torella 1:16 DOCUMENTARY Scatterbrain, by Julian Darby and…

Winter 2013

ANIMATION Massachusetts Avenue, by Naomi Silver-Vezina 3:15 [FIRST PLACE WINNER]  Catch Up With The End, by Anthea Cotignola 1:49 [HONOURABLE MENTION] The Shoe-aunting, by Derrick Adams 3:59 Lovestruck, by Brenda Lopez 0:49 Dying Swan, by Trevor Bourke 0:53 There is Only Today, by Dion Wang 1:35 DOCUMENTARY Nostalgie d’innocence, by Sandrine L’Eriger 4:12  [FIRST PLACE WINNER]  Concrete Constellations, by Alexander Kozina 1:58  [HONOURABLE MENTION]…